Busy Saturday for WHFD 8/19/17

Last Saturday was a busy day for the Department as they responded to a total five calls.

The crews stared in the early hours of the morning as 1518 was called to Woodbury to assist the Police to provide lighting. 1517 responded with waters and cones and continued to stay on scene with 1501 to provide assistance.

After crews cleared and were given lunch by the Woodbury Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, crews were dispatched to an ambulance call in town.


Field Com 2 in Operation

Marine 8-1 with State Police K9 Dog









Around 10:30 p.m., Rescue 1518 was dispatched to cover Deptford Station 9-1 while they operated a working dwelling fire in the Jericho section of town. While covering, crews responded to 300 Block of Harvard Ave for another dwelling. 1518 arrived on scene and Asst. Chief Seibert took command after seeing smoking showing. 1518’s crew went to work to check the residence for extension and if the home was occupied. After a short time, Chief Radcliff arrived and assumed command. Chief Radcliff operated the scene until Deptford 9-1 Chief Hooper arrived. 1518 and 1501 stayed on scene to assist 9-1.

Chief Radcliff at the Harvard Ave call 9 (Photo Courtesy of Westville FD Facebook)


During this time, 1519 also handled a call for service in Oak Valley.

A job well done by all during a difficult day!

Drafting Drill 8/8/2017

Tuesday’s Drill gave members an opportunity to refresh important fire ground skills. Crews participated in a routine drafting drill. The crews pulled a draft off Glen Lake with 1512 and placed 1512’s Deck Gun in service. 1512 also supplied 1511 which put its Deck Gun and portable monitor in service. There was a review of how to pump the truck and newer members were trained how to operate the truck during an emergency. Since 15-1 is a member of the Gloucester County Large Diameter Hose Strike team, members took time to review the LDH Strike team SOG’s. The drill was organized & ran by Captain Banks with Chief Radcliff and Asst. Chief Seibert carefully overseeing. It was a great training session for all.