Last night got a little busy for the members of the Woodbury Heights FD. Around 9:30 p.m., the station was dispatched to Gray Fox Animal Hospital for an alarm system. While en route to the station, members were advised of an all-hands working fire in the City of Woodbury. Under the direction of Deputy Chief Mower & Captain E. Rodig, members where able to respond to both incidents quickly & efficiently.

FF S. Norcross & DC Mower in 1511 while M. Morrison and EMT Bates in 1519 responded to Gray Fox. DC Mower quickly ruled the incident careless cooking and no fire department services where needed. Crews went available and headed back to the station to get another truck and respond to Woodbury.

Initially, Captain Rodig took at a crew of FF B. Collins, FF N. Campbell, FF C. Rodig & Probationary FF K. Cornish to Woodbury in Rescue 1518. They were joined by DC Mower, Asst. Chief Seibert, Captain Banks, Safety Officer Witasick & FF Norcross in 1517.

1518 and 1517’s crews remained in man power pool and were utilized per command in salvage and overhaul operations.

Z.Bates & M. Morrison stayed on duty at station with 1519 in the event another emergency arose.

(Photo Courtesy of Woodbury FB’s page)